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  1. The (Driver) has to be not less than 21 years old and to be in possession of a valid driving license as per Bahrain Law for not less than one year.
  2. The Renter has no right to give over the car to be driven by someone other than the named Driver unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  3. Vehicle Usage: The Vehicle(s) rented by KDR to the renter are provided for the purposes of usage on properly constructed highways and not to be used under any circumstances for the following causes:
    1. Taking charges on persons or luggage trafficking.
    2. Pulling any other car or vehicle.
    3. Racing or entering any speed or start by contests.
    4. Driving under the effect of alcohol or any other illegal objects that might influence the brain and the concentration of the driver.
    5. Violation of Traffic or Customs Regulations or any other applicable laws.
    6. Traveling with the car outside the boarders of Kingdom of Bahrain without a prior written approval of KDR.
  4. Renter Covenants:
    1. To pay rental amount according to the clause 7.0
    2. To ensure the vehicle is cared of in accordance with clause 6.0
    3. To promptly pay for all driver traffic violations incurred whilst using the vehicle.
    4. To conform at all times to the Insurance terms and conditions (copy supplied with the contract).
    5. Not to allow any mechanical or bodywork repairs to the vehicle without written permission even in the case of traffic accident.
    6. To return the car with all documents and accessories and in the same conditions to KDR at the location and on the date and by the time designated in this rental contract.
    7. Not to remove the Stickers/ Number Plate of KDR or those of the General Directorate of Traffic of the vehicle.
    8. To co-operate with KDR in case the vehicle is required for the official test and registration procedures, for periodical maintenance or for repair in the event of breakdown.
    1. Hirer costs, including legal fees, incurred in collecting payments due from Renter under this Agreement,
    2. Any fines, penalties, court fees or other expenses, arising from the use of the vehicle while rented to Renter. But this shall not relieve Renter or any other person of his/her direct responsibility to any government authority for his/her own unlawful conduct.
    3. KDR’s estimate of repair costs including towing and storage if the vehicle is damaged during the validity of this agreement as KDR reserves the right to choose the Maximum rate of repairs.
    4. For the purpose of applying the above paragraph the Renter pre-authorized KDR to use his Credit Card to settle the charges incurred under this rental contract.
  6. Vehicle Care: The Renter will check the fluid levels, tire pressures at least weekly throughout the duration of the rental and will only use MUMTAZ fuel (for Petrol Vehicles). If any damage occurs from any other fuel utilized, then all the damage costs will be at Renter liability.
  7. Terms of payment: Renter hereby granted to pay upon request the following:
    • Payment can be made through Credit Cards accepted in Bahrain.
    • Cash rentals will be accepted and required a substantial amount to be paid in advance, details of which will be agreed prior to the rental.
    • Security deposit will be requested at the rental time accordingly with the Renter’s age; and this will be the maximum of liability of the Renter in case of his fault of causing the accident.
    • BD 300 if the age is between 21 and 25 years.
      BD 150 if the age is above 25 years.
  8. Accidental Damage
    1. In case of any accident and /or any theft, the renter shall report the same to the nearest police station immediately and KDR within (24) hours. Renter shall obtain police report, a replacement vehicle will be provided only after the submission of the same.
    2. Failure to provide such Report will result in total liability for all costs, expenses, uninsured losses and third Party liabilities being passed to the Renter.
    3. Renter shall be responsible to settle all fines due to accidents, whoever responsibility it might be.
  9. Renter acknowledges and undertakes that he / she shall indemnify and hold harmless KDR, its employees and agents from and against any loss liability and expenses arising directly or indirectly from:
    1. All loss or damage occurred including towing and storage.
    2. Death or injury to any person, arising out of the operation or usage of the vehicle.
    3. Loss or damage to any property arising out of the operation or usage of the vehicle.
    4. Renter will be liable for paying the deductible loss damage amount mentioned on Clause (7.c)
  10. KDR Covenants:
    1. To provide a vehicle that is roadworthy, fit for purpose and insured for the named Driver in accordance with Bahrain Traffic Regulations.
    2. To fully maintain the vehicle using trained, qualified technicians and safe recognized parts, tires and lubricants
    3. To provide insurance according to statutory requirements.
  11. Excess in the rental period
    • In case of failure to return the vehicle as per clause (4.f), KDR has the right to adjust the rental charges and at all events any delay will be calculated as an additional extra day of charge.
    • Under no circumstances KDR is responsible for damages or losses sustained by the Renter or by any other persons caused by any incidents or delay in delivering the vehicle
  12. Excess Mileage:
    • The mileage of the vehicle under daily or weekly rental rate is unlimited
    • The mileage of the vehicle under monthly (30 days) rental contract or converted to monthly rental contract is set at 100 km per day
    • Should the vehicle exceed above mention limits, a charge of 150 fils per additional 1km will be applicable.
  13. Violation of the Contract: In case of a Renter breach of any contract provision the contract shall be deemed automatically terminated without any prior notice and the renter will be obliged to immediately hand over the vehicle to KDR, without prejudice of KDR right for compensation. KDR reserves the right, to retrieve the vehicle at any time and place at the Renter’s expense. KDR will not be responsible and Renter will not ask for any belongings left and/or found in the vehicle.
  14.  Fuel:
    1. Fuel is not covered in the declared daily charges and it is at Renter expense.
  15. Governing law and jurisdiction: this contract is governed by the law and the Judicial Jurisdiction of Bahrain.


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