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Kanoo Daily Rental is a new pinnacle in car rental and luxury limousine sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain aiming to offer the highest quality standards of car rental and limousine services. Kanoo Daily Rental is a new brand under the umbrella of E.K Kanoo Group, aiming to uphold the core values of the Group.

Our Cars Categories


Mini 4-Door - MDAR
Chery A5 or similar

Economy 4-Door - EDAR
Toyota Yaris or similar

Compact 4-Door - CDAR
Toyota Corolla or similar

Intermediary 4-Door - IDAR
Toyota Camry or similar

Standard 4-Door - SDAR
Toyota Aurion or similar

Full Size 4-Door - FDAR
Toyota Avalon or similar

Luxury 4-Door - LDAR
Lexus IS 300 or similar

Premium 4-Door - PDAR
Lexus ES 350 or similar

Extra-Luxury 4-Door - XDAR
Lexus LS 460 or similar


Compact Cross 4-Door - CGAR
Toyota Corolla Crossover or similar


Economic 4 Doors SUV
Chery Tiggo 4 Pro Flagship or similar

Intermediary - IFAR
Toyota Rush or similar

Standard 4 Doors SUV
Chery Tiggo8 Intelligent, Turbo or similar

Standard - SFAR
Toyota Rav 4 or similar

Full Size - FFAR
Toyota Fortuner or similar

Luxury - LFAR
Toyota Prado or similar

Premium - PFAR
Toyota Land Cruiser or similar

Extra-Luxury - XFAR
Lexus GX460 or similar

Passenger Vehicles

Intermediary Van - SVAR
Toyota INNOVA or similar

Standard Van - SVAR
Toyota Previa or similar

Sports Cars

Premium Sport - PTAR
Lexus IS 300 CONV or similar

Premium Sport SUV - PFAR
FJ Cruiser or similar 

Commercial Vehicles

Toyota Hilux or similar

Toyota Hiace or similar
Toyota Coaster or similar


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